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We will again be meeting at Sunnyside Up Cafe Wednesday, May 12th, for those who feel comfortable enough to venture out and attend. The room should be available by 11:00 and orders placed by 11:30 when the meeting is scheduled to begin. Masks are still encouraged but optional and no one will take offence at whatever your choice is after you are in our meeting room.
We have a live presentation this month by Robert Hull our current Chapter Secretary. See his Bio under Biographies in the Members Only section.
A reminder that we still need nominations and have an election for the 2020 - 2022 term of Chapter officers but the voting can wait until we are meeting in strength again, which may not be until later this year. The current officers will continue in their capacity until such a time as this, but are looking forward to those elections.
Remember, if you haven't already, to get registered for your Covid-19 inoculations at and I understand that CVS is now accepting walk ins but would call them first to confirm.

Speaker for May meeting:

"The Silent War Between East and West - The War of Information".

While historians debate it, the 1947 Truman Doctrine roughly marked the beginning of the undeclared Cold War. Likewise, the finish of the Cold War is generally agreed to be marked by the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. That war was "fought" by the West to contain Soviet geopolitical expansion although little actual fighting occurred. A new type of Cold War has been brewing for a number of years, but the West's political leaders only took significant interest when Putin's Russia quickly invaded eastern Ukraine in 2014. Subsequent meddling by Russia in the 2016 U.S. elections, and now the computer hacking of major U.S. government systems attributed to the Russian military intelligence unit, GRU, are evidence of how aggressive the Russian Federation is in pursuing their military doctrine, a doctrine based upon "the prior implementation of measures of information warfare in order to achieve political objectives without the utilization of military force..." - The Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation" approved by Russian Federation presidential edict on 5 February 2010, (

This lecture builds on others Mr. Hull has given to intelligence, military, homeland security, and other organizations. Some related talks he has given include:
     The IRA, Trolling and the Rapid Rise of Russian Interference,
     Is the Increased Covert Use of Unconventional Weaponry Causing Society to Redefine Acts of War?
     What GRU Use of Novichok on Extremists, and Russian Disinformation Bodes for the Future.

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