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We will be meeting Wednesday, June 19th. at Sunnyside Up Cafe (See "Meeting and Location" tab for more info.)
The room should be available by 11:00 and orders placed by 11:30 when the meeting is scheduled to begin.
Masks are still encouraged but optional and no one will take offence at whatever your choice is after you are in our meeting room.
A reminder that we still need nominations and have an election for the 2020 - 2022 term of Chapter officers but the voting can wait until we are meeting in strength again, which may not be until later this year.
The current officers, with the exception of Tom Dyble who has stepped down, will continue in their capacity until such a time as this, but are looking forward to those elections.
We had 7 members and 3 guests at last months meeting who enjoyed a great presentation by Bob Hull.

Speaker for June meeting: JASON FAGONE
Jason Fagone is a journalist and author of several books, including the one featured in this interview. He is a journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle and an author with Dey Street Books.
Previously, he covered technology, sports, and culture for the Huffington Post Highline and other places.
In 2014-15 he was a Knight-Wallace Fellow in journalism at the University of Michigan, and now lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter.

Topic: Elizebeth Friedman "The Woman Who Smashed Codes"
Our presentation this month will be an AFIO NOW video interview with Jason Fagone, author of the 2017 book
"The Woman Who Smashed Codes: A True Story of Love, Spies, and the Unlikely Heroine Who Outwitted America's Enemies"
Interviewer: Deborah Bonanni, former Chief of Staff, NSA; AFIO Board.
Host: James Hughes, AFIO President, a former CIA Operations Officer

Jason Fagone and Deborah Bonanni discuss the relatively unknown cryptographer Elizebeth Friedman,
her beginnings and remarkable achievements in codebreaking -- including in foreign languages she did not know -- her alliance and marriage to NSA "founder" William Friedman;
her work at Riverbank Labs; Rum running; and many other hidden aspects of an outstanding (at times astonishing) "in the shadows" life assisting the nation.
The interview runs 37 minutes and includes several Q&As.

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