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CANCELED: January 13th. meeting at Sunnyside Up Cafe due to the current Public Health Order concerning Covid-19.

       Our plan was again to have our meeting this January, with those who feel comfortable enough to venture out and attend but must still hold off as inside dining is not available. However at the moment our state and county numbers have thankfully been dropping but we have yet to see how this Holiday and New Year travel season will impact our county color code.

A reminder that we still need nominations and have an election for the 2020 - 2022 term of Chapter officers but the voting can wait until we are meeting in strength again, which may not be until later next year. The current officers will continue in their capacity until such a time as this, but are looking forward to those elections.

Hope you have been able to get your flu shot, and that you will soon receive your Covid vaccine. Remember to stay safe out there.

Speaker: None


I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Looking forwarded to this virus crisis being over so we can all meet again with no concerns.

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