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- Meeting and Location -


Our next meeting is on Wed, February 14th. at Sunnyside Up Cafe and will be held in-person at Sunnyside Up Cafe.

Mask optional to enter the restaurant and in our meeting room.

Member meetings are held on the 2nd. Wednesday of the month, September through June, at:

"Sunnyside Up Cafe" on Menaul just east of Louisiana, next door to Chili's.

6909 Menaul Boulevard Northeast
Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 888-3447

Map to Sunnyside Up Cafe

1100: Arrive, Sign in, Order Lunch   -   1130: Call To Order  -   1300: Adjourn

Our speaker this month is Robert (Bob) Hull.
A Brief Biography of Robert W. Hull

This Presentation is titled: Use of Electronic Warfare in Today's Military Operations. The first use of Electronic Warfare (EW) began during WWII using radar to sense and track enemy aircraft and assist in landing our own aircraft under poor weather conditions. With subsequent innovations in electronics technology EW now includes capabilities for disruption, or denying and degrading, for example, an adversary's ability to guide weapons to targets. EW also makes it possible to capture weapons, destroy military targets, or directly disable or kill humans. What's happening in places like the Red Sea and Ukraine today demonstrates the increasing importance of EW in limiting damage and casualties, degrading an adversary's ability to fight, and in reducing warfighting costs. This talk will provide an overview of EW focusing on the current threats worldwide.

This topic near and dear to Bob's heart. He first worked in the Electronic Warfare (EW) field over 50 years ago and has worked in it off and on ever since. For his company, Los Alamos Technical Associates (LATA), in the last 30 years he supported the Army's Black Crow electronic countermeasures project, the Air Force's Airborne Laser Project, and as a USAF Reservist supported the Phillips Laboratory's (now the Air Force Research Laboratory) laser research program and safety operation of the Starfire Optical Range.


Our meetings are normally open to present and former members of Federal, Military (uniformed and civilian), State and Local Agencies and selective others who support the Intelligence Community If you desire further information, please contact one of the following:

Albuquerque - President: Sam Shaw - Phone: 505-379-3963   e-mail: President@afionm.org

Albuquerque - Vice President: Bob Hull Phone: 505-328-1502   e-mail: Vice-President@afionm.org

Albuquerque - Treasurer: Richard J. Sullivan - Phone:  505-463-0205   e-mail: Treasurer@afionm.org

Albuquerque - Secretary: In absentia     e-mail: Secretary@afionm.org