The Tom Smith New Mexico Chapter

Revision Date 3/03/2019

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Membership Requirements & Eligibility

Membership Requirements & Eligibility Membership in AFIO is open to all U.S. citizens who adhere to AFIO's principles, subscribe to AFIO's educational objectives, and wish to support - or participate in - AFIO activities and programs. There are two categories of membership: Members and Associate Members. Both Members and Associate Members may be officers or directors of the Association.

Members - Current and Former U.S. intelligence, counterintelligence, and related (e.g. security) personnel (any rank or level), may become Members.

Associate Members - U.S. citizens in private, civil, academic or corporate pursuits, as well as, Americans currently in government employment (at any level) or military service, may become Associate Members.

Those not wishing membership or non-U.S. citizens, may subscribe to some of our publications as a Subscribers (4) or UKUSA Membership (5) - see below.

Subscribers - AFIO offers an e-mail-only subscription option for non-U.S. citizens, those who live abroad, Institutions, Libraries, and individuals (in the U.S., Canada or abroad -- who do not wish, at this time, to join the organization or do not qualify for membership).

UKUSA Membership - It is a special International Membership for citizens of the following countries only: UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The UKUSA5 members receive all printed publications via International Priority Mail, and our Weekly Notes emails, for $110/1- yr or $300/3-yrs


The AFIO New Mexico - Tom Smith Chapter membership dues are currently $25.00 a year, and requires its members to be current members in good standing with AFIO National. If you are not currently a member of National, please click on the National website link for a listing of their current membership dues, and to fill out their online application.

If you new to AFIO, and would like to become a member of our chapter, please submit to us a copy of your National application.

If you have been a member of AFIO National for longer then a year, please contact one of our officers listed on the Meeting and Location page for membership information.